... Without making this sound boring. It all started way back when I was a small child, yikes! I was 3. For Christmas my parents bought me an Easy Bake Oven,  I was so excited to mix my little package of cake mix & water. I was also fascinated that the tiny lite bulb it came with was going to do all the baking ..well to my surprise it did! The easy frosting came with the cake mix  .. Wow, could it be that easy? A miniature cake in 3 minutes .. It was so simple back then.

My Nani Lucia also had me in the cucina w/her when I was 4.  I would help her make these Italian cookies (Pitzells as she called  them) known as Pizzelle's , Easter bread, this orange zest sponge cake, bows, biscotti & so much more ..I even became a gourmet cook outta that .. catering many events & parties!

I always had a nack for sharing my candi &
eets. I was in the 8th grade & the kids called me "The Candi Man" ..hello, I am a girl! Anywho, I always had lollipops, mary janes, razzles, bubblegum, sweet tarts, pixie stix's, candi buttons, peppermint patti's & those little wax bottles of flavored syrup just to name a few .. I would stuff it in the bottom hem of my Catholic School uniform dress.. you can't even imagine how many things I could fit into that hem ..it went all the way around, I was packed for the day! Another thing I was known for was wearing sparkling green socks! Hello!! .. what the heck was I thinking?

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