Sponsor an Animal 2Dai~


.. Have you always wanted to help an animal in need & didn't know who & which cause to help. I am going to link all of the animal causes that I sponsor & donate to.  These are the ones that are closes to mi heart~  

 Our relationship with www.GSROC.org all started w/Courage Mid April, 2010. The beautiful boi doggie who was being starved to death! When he was rescued he had dirt in his belli .. yeah thats what he was eating dirt to survive.

 *** We would also like to add some of the photo's that might be displayed can be veri graphic. Please use caution when viewing! :~} 

 We are sponsoring all of the four legged animals under urgent care @GSROC won't you help to ? Ani Donation is a generous donation! Please help & donate todai http://www.frenchbulldogrescue.org/index.html

***We having been raising $$$for for GoodDogz.org for quite some time now. This is local cause located in Reston, VA   http://www.gooddogz.org

***Middleburg Humane Foundation helps all animals small, large & livestock http://mysite.verizon.net/bizqmjr1/index.html

***Friends of Randolph Pound http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/pound.html


We have done this maybe you can do for yourBirthdai Celebration. In lieu of gifts have your friends donate to a local cause on your behalf you will help so mani Animals & Children in need! Plus you will feel good from within .. Helping those that can't help themselves! .. :~}

     Warm regards, 

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